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WVU leaves the dance floor…

Well, it was a good run. The Mountaineers lost Thursday night (er, Friday morning?) to the Texas Longhorns by a score of 74-71. Wild finish in that one. WVU tied the game with about 5 seconds to go at 71, but Texas got the ball down the other end of the court and scored with under a second left to win.

The main thing that killed the Mountaineers (to me, anyway) was lack of rebounding. Texas got way too many second chance points. The Mounties have had a good couple of seasons here, but I think next year will be termed a “rebuilding” year.

Hey, what more can I ask for? WVU Football wins Sugar Bowl. Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl. WVU Basketball makes Sweet Sixteen. It’s only March and this has been a great sports year.



Playing basketball

Man, when will I learn! I have been sore for the past couple of days after playing basketball on Sunday. It was our church’s version of “March Madness” – youth vs. adults. The adults had to uphold their title after defeating the youth last year, and we did it — twice! But we are all sore today. I need to see if I can get somebody to e-mail some pictures of the event. If so, I’ll post them up here.


Welcome to my site!

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site. This is still definitely a work in progess, so give me some time to work the bugs out of this thing and I’ll be up and running soon.

Hey, American Idol is getting ready to start. It’s Thursday, it’s 8:00pm. Click here to visit my official American Idol blog.