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A sea of green

What a crazy day this has been.  Where to start?

The Shinnston Little League C-Ball season ended today, but at this point I’m not sure what team is “champions” and I’m not really sure that it matters…One of Ryan's coaches attempts to explain how to play the ball

Pro Care Pirates   9
VFW Marlins       10

Final (7 innings)

But that was only part of the story today.

We were planning on going to Texas Roadhouse for lunch after  the game.  Well, it had been discussed earlier in the day that both teams would head to the city park and pool after today’s game to eat pizza and swim.

Also, in the confusion that is a double-elimination tournament, since we had no losses, and the Marlins had one (to us, on Friday), if the Pirates lost today’s game, we were to play the Marlins once again in order to give one of us two losses.  Whew!

Prior to the game, it had been discussed that the teams would only play this game, and if the Pirates won, they would be the outright champions, but if the Marlins won, we would be co-champs.  That’s fine with me, considering how these past few weeks have gone, with the crazy weather, and seeing that the temperatures will be in the upper-80’s to mid-90’s for the foreseeable future.  It was mid-90’s for today’s game, and that was plenty hot enough.Ryan as the catcher

During the first half of today’s game, one of the parents got smacked in the mouth by a fast-moving foul ball.  I think she may need a few stitches in and around her mouth, but I think she will be fine.  That was a very scary situation…

And, of course, you saw the score at the top of the posting.  10 to 9.  7 innings.  The kids (both teams) were beat.  It was terribly hot.

Then, after the game, the city park and city pool became a sea of green, as coaches and players from both teams got together and enjoyed pizza and swimming.  The kids forgot the score and played together while getting some well-deserved relief from the hot sun.

As one coach said, “I think we should have skipped the game and came straight to the pool!”

I think the Roadhouse can wait for another evening.

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let kids be kids

I’m not getting into specifics here tonight; that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  I just want to say that, kids often look up to the adults that lead them, that teach them, and that coach them.  And sometimes kids see some things that they shouldn’t see, some things they shouldn’t be subjected to, simply because the adults don’t play well together.

If we ever wonder to ourselves why our children don’t get along, why our children don’t behave, then we have to take a closer look at ourselves.  We are their role models.  We are to be held accountable for teaching them right from wrong and providing them with appropriate, positive role models to look up to.  If we bicker, and argue, and throw punches, then we should expect the same from our children.

Sometimes, we all need to examine ourselves and try to see us as our children do.  Do they see us trying hard, but still have the ability to smile in success or in failure? Or do they see us stomp off in a huff when something doesn’t go our way? What do they take away from a loss? Do they place blame on others? At the end of the day, can they refer to the “other team” as their friends, their classmates, their buddies?

Or do they just remain the “other team?”

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Little League Opening Day, 2008

The Shinnston Little League season kicked off this morning 100_5073a with the official Opening Ceremony, held at the Little League field in town.

Players and teams were introduced, followed by an invocation, presentation of colors, and the national anthem.

Ryan’s team, the Pro Care Pirates, has a game tonight at 7:45pm.

I’ll be back with more pictures tonight after the game.

(Updated: 7:36pm) Well, tonight’s game has been postponed due to rain.  We’ll try again on Tuesday.


The First Leon

(or, "Boys, You’re Wrinkling Your Costumes!")


first_leon It’s time for the annual Christmas pageant.  This year the kids are performing "The First Leon."

The website says:

The Brentwood Kids Music Club presents its newest Christmas musical for children, The First Leon. In this charming musical you will see the Christmas story through the eyes of Leon. You see, Leon is… special. Ever since he discovered that his name spelled backwards is Noel, he’s felt called to tell the world the true meaning of Christmas. But when he tries out for every role in the annual pageant, he finds that he’s the only one who doesn’t get a part. Rejected. Now Leon understands better than anyone how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they heard the words, "No room" that night in Bethlehem. Without really trying to, however, Leon does uncover the true meaning of Christmas when he identifies the real Star of Bethlehem.

Well, we will see how this goes.  Ryan is "Leon," an understudy, and Allison is "Julie," an angel.  There is a lot of dialogue and a lot of music to remember.  Hopefully, all will go well this evening.

Got to go. "It’s almost curtain…"

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Ryan’s video game adventures

Starfox 64Well, this week Ryan beat Starfox 64 that we downloaded a couple of weeks ago from the Wii virtual console.

The boy cracks me up, because he just doesn’t know what he can’t do.  He’s only six.  He can’t beat Starfox 64.  Not at six.

Shoot, it took me and Tina weeks to beat the original Starfox on the SNES back in the early 90’s.

What I find so funny is that he does this with all his games, and it started back in the fall of 2005 with “War of the Monsters” (WotM) for the PS2.  We were in the midst of moving and staying with my mom for a few weeks back in ’05 and we kept the Playstation hooked up to a small TV in the bedroom for entertainment.  A lot of the toys were packed away, so the kids spent an unusual amount of time in front of the TV.

Anyway, at the time, Ryan was 3 years old, getting ready to turn 4.  We dug out an older PS2 demo disc with WotM on it, and that quickly became his favorite game.  He had beaten that demo (even at age 3) in just a week.  So, for his fourth birthday we bought him the full game.

Within two weeks, he had beaten the full game.

So, as I say, he just doesn’t know what he can’t do.

Here is a couple of Starfox videos I found on YouTube that show the endings of the two games… The original Starfox, followed by Starfox 64.

The original Starfox has some of the best original video game music in history.  The strings are incredible!


Kids activities wind down

recital-1 Dance has wound down. T-Ball has wound down. Soccer has wound down. It’s been a crazy couple of months, but it’s all settling down now.

Allison performed at her dance recital on Friday and Saturday nights. She had cousins that also danced. They were in a different class, but performed on the same night.

Thanks to all the dance instructors this season. You have all been wonderful, and have done a great job with all the kids.  All the girls did an excellent job last weekend! Way to go!

Ryan’s T-Ball finished this past Friday night at the Shinnston Little League field. All the kids received participation trophiesIMAGE_063. They all did well over the whole season and should be proud of what they’ve accomplished!

And a special thanks to all of Ryan’s coaches this season. They did a great job of teaching the kids some fundamentals of the game. The kids had a great time and I’m sure Ryan will miss T-Ball.

All the kids got to meet Levi Maxwell, a Shinnston boy who was recently drafted by the Chicago White Sox. He signed a lot of baseball caps and was very nice to each of the kids. Thanks, and good luck!