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28Jan 2016

The Day of the ‘Challenger’

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The ramblings of an adult remembering the shuttle accident through the eyes of a twelve year old.

So I remember that day quite well. In north-central West Virginia, January 28, 1986 was a snow day. No school in Harrison County. Those are the words every twelve year old loves to hear in January. Back then, we still had our summers, filled with basketball and music. (I always liked to type up the Top 40 tunes each week, as announced by Casey Kasem, on a typewriter. The red ribbon would be saved for the number one song!) Also, they didn’t keep extending the school year into the middle of June, nor start in August, to make up for missed snow days, like today.


A Commodore 128 BASIC screen. At the ready.

Anyway, that particular Tuesday morning, I was busy plugging away at a computer keyboard in my bedroom. I was (what do you mean, was?) one of those nerdy kids. Synchronized-watch-with-the-school-bell kinda nerdy kids. Yeah, I really did that kind of thing… That morning I was busy writing a basketball simulation program on a Commodore 128 computer. I don’t have a screenshot of that program or a copy of it anywhere, but I remember it well. It was a side-on shot of a basketball court and backboard. When you pressed the space bar a basketball would head toward the hoop and it would randomly vary a few pixels left or right, and occasionally you’d “make a basket.” Anyway, it was just the kind of thing I was likely to do on a snow day.

“Jay, come in here,” mom yelled from the living room. “The shuttle’s going up.” “Oh, yeah, that’s happening today,” I thought. So… pack it up on the C-128, and head into the living room.

I don’t know to this date if I witnessed it live, or it was the first of many replays. “Something’s not right. That doesn’t look right.” Even at twelve, I knew what a shuttle launch should look like, and this wasn’t it. I don’t think mom believed me at first. But the news was now “breaking” — the shuttle had exploded. There would be no survivors, despite all the early reports of debris “with a parachute on it.”

Shortly after the explosion I shoved a blank tape in the VCR and started recording. CNN most of the day, NBC off and on. I think I got the NBC Nightly News that night at 6:30pm. I’m replaying the tape now. Bernie Shaw and Lou Waters interviewing everyone they could get their hands on. Tom Mintier, who sincerely struggled to put into words what he was seeing. This was one of the first instances of “breaking news” and there wasn’t a manual on how to proceed. There are some YouTube videos covering those first heartbreaking hours, though I think they will only play on YouTube. Links below…

11:00am – Noon:


Noon – 1:00pm:


At any rate, that day left quite an impression on a twelve year old me. That Sunday, instead of typing out the weekly Top 40 songs, I sat down at my typewriter and compiled a timeline of events from launch to explosion, including the words from mission control. This time, the red ribbon was saved for the last line, the time of the explosion…

In 1998 I got to see a launch in person, witnessing the John Glen launch (“The Launch”) firsthand. It was an amazing experience, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do it before the shuttle program ended in 2011.

Not my picture, but NASA's...

Not my picture, but NASA’s…

Several years later, when our daughter was born, we gave her the middle name Krista, inspired by Christa McAuliffe, who of course was selected as the first Teacher In Space. And a few years later, I got to accompany my son to a Challenger Center in Wheeling, West Virginia, and participated in a “Return to the Moon” mission. He was on the navigation team, but I may have enjoyed the trip more than he did.

And in December of 2010 we visited Kennedy Space Center, where we got to relive some history and see where the shuttles launched from for over 30 years. There’s so much to see and do at KSC, it’s a must-see for any space fan.

More To Come…

27Dec 2015 at DisneyWorld

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I did a quick Periscope while at Walt Disney World the other day. I captured it with and now I’m posting it here.

3Oct 2015

New Ricardo Sanchez CD

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I’ve been a fan of Ricardo Sanchez since our church started singing some of his songs on Sunday mornings a few years back. He just released a new CD this week, and I’ve been enjoying it. It has a bit of techno feel to it in places, but I think it’s cool. Enjoy with Spotify!

15Aug 2015

90’s CGI memories

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I’ve been undertaking a project recently to convert old VHS/VHS-C/Digital video tapes to a digital format to store on my home network Synology. It’s nice to have a backup and it’s also nice to be able to pull up any home video just within a few clicks.

Well, I happened to stumble across a video from 1990 titled “The Mind’s Eye.” It’s a collection of late 80’s CGI animation that obviously pales in comparison to the stuff in theaters today, but it certainly showed “what was possible” with technology, even in those early stages of computer animation.

Imagine my surprise (not really) when I discovered that the entire video is available on YouTube. So that’s one less video tape I have to convert…

Among the nuggets in the video is Stanley & Stella in: Breaking the Ice. It was the first computer animated short that I can remember emotionally connecting with. Give it a watch.

If you don’t want to sit through the entire Mind’s Eye video, you can find Stanley and Stella right here. Enjoy!

25May 2015

First ever intergalactic Towel Day?

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Well, maybe not intergalactic, but certainly international, and certainly out of this world! European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti reads from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, on this year’s Towel Day from aboard the International Space Station.


17Mar 2015

Windows 10 Office Preview Apps – App Can’t Open?

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So, I’ve been running the Windows 10 Preview for a few weeks now, and it’s pretty stable. For some reason, the laptop I’m using it on seems to run hot all the time. The fan runs constantly even with no apps open. Maybe there’s some kind of “cooling driver” I need to install. Who knows?

Anyway, shortly after I installed Windows 10, I found the free Office App previews available from the Windows Store. I really liked being able to tie my OneDrive documents right into the apps. Things were running really smoothly.



Suddenly the Office Preview Apps wouldn’t open anymore. This had been going on for a few weeks now, and just this morning I happened to stumble across this tweet from Gabriel Aul:


8Jan 2015

Relive your childhood through your browser

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I’ve seen this trend toward classic computing really take off lately. My favorite is probably the Amiga Forever emulator by Cloanto. I like that one because I actually converted several Amiga disks over to *.adf format before disposing of the old Amiga machine.

But now there’s a way to enjoy some “new” classic games straight through your browser. The Internet Archive has recently added several games from the 80’s and 90’s. Just click on the large green power button, and you are on your way!

You should thank me for successfully wasting your otherwise productive day!

Video Source:

6Jan 2015

Doctor Who, the Shut Up Supercut

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So, we’ve been really getting into Doctor Who since the BBC America Doctor Who marathon on New Year’s Eve. We watched several Season 8 episodes, and we quickly noticed how these people really like to try to get one of the others to stop talking…. Or as they frequently say — “Shut Up!”

In honor of this frequent occurrence, I present to you, the Shut Up Supercut, created by

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