Tuesday, July 15, 1997 08:36 PM

Shinnston, West Virginia

England 97 - A Look Back...

So, here we are one month later. One month ago at this time, we were in the sky, flying high. So many places to visit. So many people to see. Excitement was right in front of all seven of us. It could easily be seen in the "thumbs up" we gave each other shortly after take-off. (It was the only way to communicate with the noisy plane engine grinding in the background.)

Here are a few pages that take a look back at this nice little trip:

The Stupid Sayings...
The Big Things...

June 15th through July 6th. We had been looking forward to it for weeks--even months. "How many days, Jason?" "72." We never really talked about July 7th.

Placed "carefully beneath the seat in front of me" was my trusty laptop. It would become a fantastic way to communicate with everyone back home. We sent and received over fifty messages during the three weeks of vacation. We even held international "NetMeetings" so we could talk to each other. Listed below are links to the four "main messages" I sent out to everybody on the e-mail list.

Oh, well, I guess we had to come back some time. The only bad news is that I'm starting to run out of all the really good English candy! I guess I'll have to make a return trip.