The Stupid Sayings...

I think every family trip has its moments. (At least I hope it's not just my family!) Listed below are some of the stupid stuff that makes absolutely no sense unless you were there. But I figured I would post them up here so everyone else could look at them and wonder "What the heck does that mean?"

My _'_ aren't working. _omething'_ wrong, _omething'_ wrong!
Dubai Abu Dhabi (for three). (to the tune of Dooby Dooby Doo)
And.... Whyyyyyy?
Real American cookies, tossed by Real Americans.
Big and tall toddlers. Because you're big in your own little way.
Norwich. A fine city.
Shinnston. Neat.
The movie is good. I like the movie. I have not seen the movie. The people in the building, they talk. They say the movie is good. The people, they have not seen the movie.
"Who's The Boss" in German.
Some people aren't as bright as others.
That proves my theory, Germans really love David Hassalhoff.
If we happen to fall, then it's gonna be a long way.
Mecca? Ohhhhh, that's where they all go...
Iceland? Where's Greenland?
30p, 34p, 35p, 37p, 39p, 1.05? How much is Coke around here?
I don't want to drive over here. They drive 300 miles an hour on the wrong side of the road.
Rain? What's rain?
The modem is so loud that we might as well run up and down the hall banging on pots and pans!! Ohhh, I'm sorry, just trying to be louder than the modem.
George over here went ballistic.
Jaguar or Jaguwa? Colour? Honour? How about adidas or addeedas or aluminum or alluuminyum or z or zed? It's their language..They can do what they want.
British Airways. We go on strike Wednesday.
Cabin Crew 97
The House of Gloom? -- The Horse and Groom.
Mind the gap....Mind the gap......Mind the gap.........Mind the gap.....
Warning! Car thieves operate in this area!
You know what I mean? You know what I am saying?