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Ahhh… Commodore 64 Memories…

Oh, this brings back memories.

I was JasonM13 on Q*Link back in the day. I’m trying to remember… I think Q*Link was $9.95 per month for access and 6 cents per minute for “plus” time access. Certain features (like chatting for example) were considered “plus” time features.

All of this at an exciting 300bps! WooHoo! I enjoyed Q*Link but didn’t get to be online that much back in the 80’s because there were no local access numbers. Telenet and Tymenet were the only services that provided dial-up access to Q*Link, and the closest number was in Morgantown, which was long distance.

But still, fun times!

Look below! More Q*Link!

…and another promotional video from 1986:

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Ripe for the picking

You’ve seen it on CNN pretty much every day for the past few months. Now watch it in Thursday night’s SNL Weekend Update below.

That technology is very cool, and pretty cool when used correctly.  When things go wrong, or if technical glitches occur, some of the results can be quite funny! I found a little more about the company behind the map, Perceptive Pixel, at their website.

And I thought Microsoft’s Surface was cool… I think this looks a little more useful.  But you know what happens…  Microsoft seems to take a successful technology and takes it a little closer to home and office use.  So there’s still a good chance you’ll see Surface on a table near you.


Just Beachy…

We really had the time of our life:

Thanks to Shasta and Chad for providing some of the pictures.  We had a really great time, and it all went by in the blink of an eye.

I chose this song, even though it doesn’t directly relate to a beach trip, because it kind of sums up that feeling you get when you come home from a vacation.  Sometimes you want to be a part of something more and you know you’re ready for it.  It’s that feeling of “I’m ready to not be just a face in the crowd.”  And it also helps you keep things in perspective… you know, you’re living your life now. This is it, this is the time of your life, and you need to taste every moment and live it out loud.

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That certain Shmoozability…

Presenting the Lincoln High School Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Louis Oliverio.

This is one for the time capsule, for sure.

I had been looking for this video for a while now, hoping to convert it to DVD before it was too late.  The video is now 17 years old, and I didn’t figure it would hold out much longer…

The quality is a little rough in spots (hey, it’s an old tape!) but it’s certainly viewable.  Again, there is about a thirty second intro that normally shows up on TV as a DVD menu, but viewing it over the Internet, well it’s just pretty.  And static.  The buttons don’t really do anything here.

The original editing for this video was done on a Commodore Amiga 2000 home computer.  All the graphics and effects fit in a mere 20MB (that’s megabytes) of space and that’s not mentioning the fact that the Amiga OS was also installed on the hard drive.  It’s amazing what tight code and a streamlined computer can do…

Anyway, enjoy this look back at a bunch of high school kids having a good time making music together, before mash-ups and YouTube were even thought about.