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More Daily Show Genius

Oh, Jon Stewart, I so look forward to your wit and wisdom. I’m beginning to think you should run for office.

The Big Bang Treaty

Don’t let a few facts stand in the way of entertaining people with your news, Fox.

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Ripe for the picking

You’ve seen it on CNN pretty much every day for the past few months. Now watch it in Thursday night’s SNL Weekend Update below.

That technology is very cool, and pretty cool when used correctly.  When things go wrong, or if technical glitches occur, some of the results can be quite funny! I found a little more about the company behind the map, Perceptive Pixel, at their website.

And I thought Microsoft’s Surface was cool… I think this looks a little more useful.  But you know what happens…  Microsoft seems to take a successful technology and takes it a little closer to home and office use.  So there’s still a good chance you’ll see Surface on a table near you.

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Fey’s Perfect Palin

I almost titled this “Ask and you shall receive” but that seemed too, I don’t know, religious, or something.

I do find it very amusing that Tina Fey came back to play Sarah Palin–even if it’s only for just one night.  In fact, the very first time I saw Gov. Palin after McCain’s surprise announcement, I asked myself “Why did John McCain pick Tina Fey as his running mate?”

So, now all is well, and I have some closure.

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Twice? Twice?!

I’ve heard some very interesting religious/political debates here recently.  Some people are right on the mark and some people–well, not so much.  Some people like to discuss the truly important issues, like putting food on the table.  Others like to concentrate on some very narrow ideological issues that don’t amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.

I would have to say that the best religious/political comment I’ve heard recently came from Mr. Lewis Black when he was on “Last Laugh ’07” on Comedy Central this past December:

We don’t even have the time to cover what George Bush did this year.  Tell me? How does someone vote for him… twice? Look, I understand.  I get it.  You might vote for him the first time, but let me just say, for those of you out there, who may have voted for him twice: When you meet you maker, he’s gonna have some questions.  He’s not gonna send you to hell, but he’s gonna have some questions.

I think that sums it up pretty well.

P.S. — There’s video of Mr. Black’s comments available from Comedy Central’s website, but I didn’t embed it because there’s quite a bit of bleeping going on…  Feel free to Google it for yourself.