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Search On…

What a tumultuous year it’s been! Every year, Google summarizes the year in search, and this year they’ve settled on trying to find the answer to a simple, but important question: “How?”

How implies action. How implies change. “By what means can one reach an end?”

This year saw turmoil and disaster. But it also saw organization and relief. And as long as people continue asking “How?” there’s hope.


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Google’s 2014 Year in Search

I look forward to these every year. It’s always amazing to look back and consider how our world is different this year than last. Google always provides us with a quick synopsis as to what people are thinking, what they are looking up on the Internet, and I think that as the years go by it will be interesting to see what was on the minds of those in 2014.

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Take a look at what we searched for over the past 12 months…


A look back at 2013, from Google

The 2013 Google Zeitgeist… As usual, a great look back at the previous year. Only one complaint: Not long enough. There were several events that made this year memorable and also could have (should have?) been included in this year in review. I suppose the idea is to make the video concise, but I would rather have a 3 to 5 minute video that lets us look back on the year with a little more clarity. Yeah, sure, others make end-of-year videos that could fill that gap, but Google has the background to give us that kind of information.

Here’s to making 2014 even more memorable!

Search on, my friends.

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Google celebrates Douglas Adams

So I wake up this morning and head to Google, as one usually does on a Monday, and notice that the Google home page has a familiar look to it.

I see “large, friendly letters” that read “DON’T PANIC.”

After a few minutes of mouse hovering I discover that the cause of today’s Google salute is that March 11 is Douglas Adams’ birthday. 61st birthday this year, to be exact. Or would have been, had the author still been alive.

What a nice honor!

Happy 61st Douglas. Wherever he’s got to…



Rapid Prototyping Google Glass – Tom Chi

So, I stumbled across this video using Frequency, an app for finding interesting videos from lots of social sources.

Tom Chi speaks about “rapid prototyping”–basically, using simple components comprised of what you can find within reach–to build a rough sample of a functional product.

Google glass? One day. A hands-on interface for Google glass? 45 minutes.

It’s worth 8 minutes of your time to watch… 🙂

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Google’s 2012 Year In Review

Another year, another video.

Once again, Google has posted their annual Zeitgeist video recapping the major events of 2012. From viral videos to Felix’s famous fall from space, and from famous firsts to finding relief, it’s all here.

Google is in a unique position to publish this type of video. They have access to some good info that lets them see what is truly on our minds.

What does 2013 have in store? Keep searching…

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Google’s 2011 Year In Review

I’ve always enjoyed Google’s look back at this past year. This one is no different.

This year, Google Earth takes us around the globe to examine a revolution in the making, remembering those who have passed, the ending of an era in space travel, and the possibility of things to come.

As always, the human spirit is on full display.

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Google ‘Chromium’ Video

Looks like Microsoft may be facing some actual competition.  If Google can make an OS based on Linux that Grandma can use, well, we might have a game changer.

If everything takes place in the browser… think of what’s possible…  go ahead.  I’ll wait.

But then, think of what’s not possible.  I’ll wait for that too, If you like.  I can see Chrome OS filling a little bit of a void, but it’s not going to get rid of your desktop PC anytime soon.  With no local storage, and no local apps, specialty applications like video and audio editing won’t be going anywhere else, anytime soon.

What I do like about Chrome OS is that it could possibly give users the look and feel of a Linux-based system.  And I think that’s good for everyone.  Except Microsoft.

You know they had to cringe when they heard the line “Well, maybe we don’t need this anymore.”