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BBC News – Why do people vote…

BBC News – Why do people vote against their own interests?


The Republicans’ shock victory in the election for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts meant the Democrats lost their supermajority in the Senate. This makes it even harder for the Obama administration to get healthcare reform passed in the US.

Political scientist Dr David Runciman gives his view on why there is often such deep opposition to reforms that appear to be of obvious benefit to voters.

Very good article.  Read the rest of it here…

The books referenced in the article are listed below:

What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America

The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation

I may look for these on Kindle.


A New ‘Hitchhiker’ book?

All the characters have been blown to pieces, and the trilogy is already two books too long.

But the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has never had a problem with highly improbable events.

Adams himself said: “I suspect at some point in the future I will write a sixth Hitchhiker book…I would love to finish Hitchhiker on a slightly more upbeat note.

“Five seems to be a wrong kind of number, six is a better kind of number.”

My initial response to this was one of hesitation… The movie was just kind of “so-so” to be honest, and I still somewhat prefer the BBC series.  So my first thought of hesitation is simply because the movie didn’t turn out quite right and I’m afraid the new book might not either.

But since I’ve recently been re-reading the books, and still hang on every word just as I did several years ago, the first time through, part of me really wants to know what happens next, after Stavromula Beta.  So I’m bordering on excitement at the idea…

Best of luck to newly-crowned King of Satirical Genius, Eoin Colfer.  I will be waiting with bated breath…

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